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COVID-19 Response


Thank you all for your patronage during the Shelter-in-Place period here in Texas.   We have reopened our stores consistent with the State's orders.

The following are the new current GKC store procedures:

1.  We are limited to 25% occupancy, but we will still require 6' social distancing at all times on our premises. Staff members will pull all cigars from our shelves for you. One of our staff members will follow you at a SAFE 6' distance. Please be considerate of other customers and do not touch any product.

2.  We will still offer curbside service for those of you who prefer this!  Please call in your order in advance so that we can make the process as efficient as possible for you.

3.  Indoor seating at the Amarillo and Fort Worth locations is not available yet, but you will be allowed to come into the store to shop. The virus is still very active in these two communities, and we are trying to do our part to keep all of us SAFE. Amarillo and Fort Worth have outdoor seating for customers maintaining social distancing. Luckily for us, the Amarillo and Fort Worth stores have awesome outdoor seating areas!

4.  Lubbock will allow indoor seating while maintaining 6' social distancing. Please do not move the furniture.

5.  Glassware, ice, butane refills, shop-use lighters or cutters are still not available in any of our locations. You may purchase lighters, cutters, soft drinks, and bottled waters from us, or feel free to bring your own.

6.  Please refrain from coming to our premises if you have had a fever, experienced any symptoms of the virus within the last 14 days, or believe that you have been exposed to the virus and might potentially be infectious.

7.  We encourage you to call ahead and reserve seating. Members will be given priority status. Minimum purchases will be required for all people utilizing our limited seating availability. Check with your store for details.

8.  We make our money selling cigars.  Please do not bring cigars or any other from of tobacco purchased elsewhere to smoke here.

9.  Thank goodness we can now start the shift towards normal operating hours. The process is going to be somewhat fluid. Check with your local store, or look at their Social media for updates. We are ready to sell you cigars until the cows come home!

We are as excited to get to see you as you are to come back into the shops! We have missed you terribly. Interacting with you is a big part of why we all do this. Please help us to stay SAFE, and limit the spread of the virus. Let's all leave the hand shaking and bro-hugs to that time in the future when the virus threat has been eliminated. But with that being said, 



About Us


GKC Fort Worth

GKC Fort Worth

GKC Fort Worth

704 E. Weatherford Street

Our newest store in Fort Worth is located in the Uptown part of Downtown in a restored historic former residence.  GKC Fort Worth feels like home, complete with our shop dog Bella, and a variety of comfy seating choices inside and out.

Temporary Hours 

Monday - Wednesday  10am - 6pm

Thursday - 11am - 8pm

Friday - Saturday  11am - 10pm

Sunday  1pm- 8pm


GKC Amarillo

GKC Fort Worth

GKC Fort Worth

1709 South Polk Street

GKC Amarillo is our first store.  Located on the south end of Downtown in the historic Plemons Eakle neighborhood, this store offers an electic, home feel, with lounges upstairs and down, as well as a great outdoor space.  

Temporary Hours

Monday - Thursday 10am - 6:30pm

Friday 10am - 8pm

Saturday 11am - 6:30pm

Sunday  Closed


GKC Lubbock

GKC Fort Worth

GKC Lubbock

2211 University Avenue

Conveniently located near Texas Tech University, GKC Lubbock is entirely humidifed, providing ample room to check out the huge selection, as well as have a seat an enjoy your cigar.  The private member lounge isn't to be missed.

Temporary Hours

Monday - Thursday 11am - 8pm

Friday - Saturday  11am - 9pm

Sunday  Closed

Good Karma Cigar

Who We Are

Good Karma Cigar provides a wide variety of cigars, cigar products, pipes and pipe tobacco.  Todd Dailey began GKC began in 2010 in Amarillo, Texas, where  a growing customer base began to appreciate the selection and the expertise that GKC is known for.  

Aside from the expansive product selection, each store has a large humidor that is comfortable to explore, member lockers, comfortable public lounge space, private member lounges and outdoor space.  This is the place to hang out with friends, meet new friends, have quite time with a great cigar, enjoy an amazing outdoor or indoor space, or experience the many special events GKC has.  Talk to the store manager about membership benefits. 


GKC Staff


Todd Dailey, Owner

704 E Weatherford Street

Fort Worth, TX 76102

(817) 720-7222



Juan Diego, Fort Worth General Manager

704 E Weatherford Street

Fort Worth, TX 76102

(817) 720-7222



Katy DeArmann, Amarillo General Manager

1709 S Polk Street

Amarillo, TX 79102

(806) 373-8116



Brad Williams, Lubbock General Manager

2211 University Avenue

Lubbock, TX 79410

(806) 799-3223


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Good Karma Cigar

704 East Weatherford Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102, United States


Upcoming Events

GKC holds regular events at all of our stores.  Check back for postings for upcoming events.